The BIO-CEL membrane module is a reliable and efficient solution for the future. Its ultrafiltration process guarantees the best parameters in the final permeate, and its laminated configuration minimizes operation costs and maintenance.

BIO-CEL combines the benefits of conventional flat membranes and hollow fiber modules without the shortcomings of each of these systems. Due to a membrane density (filtration surface per installed-m2) characteristic of hollow fiber modules and a backwash option under pressure, BIO-CEL preserves the open channel geometry characteristic of flat plates. BIO-CEL has taken one step further and has removed the frame which unblocks the boundaries and ensures the flow of membranes.

Technical characteristics

Module data

Model Membrane surface
BIO-CEL® BC10-10 10 m2
BIO-CEL® BC50F-C25-UP150 50 m2
BIO-CEL® BC100F-C25-UP150 100 m2
BIO-CEL® BC400F-C100-UP150 400 m2
BIO-CEL® XL 1920 m2


  • Ultrafiltration. Total retention of solids and bacteria.
  • Optimal performance for all ranges of biomass concentrations.
  • Frame-free installation, which prevents sludge deposits and braiding, resulting in minimal maintenance and aeration costs.
  • Optional feature of backwash under pressure with permeate and reagent dosage.
  • Fine bubble aeration: reduces aeration installation process and therefore, energy costs.
  • Optional feature of mechanical cleaning process (MCP). Reagent elimination.
  • Made from polyethersulfone (PES). This material has high mechanical stability, resulting in an extended lifespan.
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