• Compression-molded membranes (including tubular membranes); these double the characteristics of mechanical and thermal resistance as compared to a conventional injection mold.
  • Perforation by cutting- not puncturing- which increases efficiency and optimizes sealing during rest periods. Less dirt contamination and pressure loss.
  • Maximum ratio Kg O2/Kw.
  • Easy installation of the diffusers with quick-fit connectors.
  • Easy replacement of diffusers and membranes.

Products and materials

  • Wide range of products for fine and coarse bubble systems, with disc or tubular diffusers.
  • Continuous optimization of membrane materials for greater adaptability to all kinds of water.
  • Membranes in EPDM with PTFE coating. Patented membranes that combine the advantages of EPDM produced by compression with the resistance of Teflon to solvents, grease and calcareous deposits, extending its lifespan and minimizing loss of effectiveness over time.
  • Large selection of replacement membranes for most manufacturers in the market.
  • Removable diffuser grids entirely made in AISI 304L or AISI 316L.
  • Dosing equipment for formic acid usage, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the diffuser grids.
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