A Bioscrubber comprises a biological system in two stages that facilitates the immediate absorption of contaminants in an alkaline medium, obtaining transfer efficiencies greater than 99% and thus achieving emissions of undiluted biogas free of H2S.


The Empty Bed Residence Time (EBRT) inside the scrubber is minimal, which leads to lower investment costs. Consequently, the H2S(l) is conducted to a bioreactor (liquid phase), where anaerobic microorganisms perform biological oxidation in alkaline pH.

These systems enable both an efficient and economical removal of H2S present in biogas in concentrations greater than 10.000 ppmv and flow rates up to 6.000 m3/h.

In order to maximize the effectivity of microorganisms, the equipment incorporates an advanced control system for air batching, as well as for temperature, redox potential, pH and nutrient control devices. The reclaimed water is subsequently recycled by the scrubber.

The consumption of reagents and water in this biological system is minimal, which reduces operating costs significantly compared to alternative technology.

A small flow of acidified liquid effluent is generated by using this process and it has applications in different industrial sectors without the need for additional expensive treatment. All operating parameters are continuously recorded and stored, which ensures that the installation is monitored effectively.


  • High efficiency in H2S removal.
  • Minimal consumption of reagents and water.
  • Low operating costs, which reduces the amortization period and allows for short-term. investment returns.
  • Zero waste generation.
  • Capacity to treat high loads of pollutants.
  • No biogas dilution.
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