Chemical scrubber

In most industrial processes in which chemicals are produced and treated, emissions may be generated. Emissions of pollutants such as HCl, Cl2, SO2, HF, NOx, NH3, H2S, etc. must be treated and processed appropriately before being released into the atmosphere.

ECOTEC has its own know-how and extensive experience not only in industrial applications, but also in the manufacture of equipment. ECOTEC’s processes incorporate innovative technology which achieves emission concentrations that comply with the current legislation regarding atmospheric emissions.

A chemical scrubber is based on the physical absorption and the chemical reaction of gaseous contaminants in air flow, in which liquid and gaseous phases are counter-current (in scrubbers mounted vertically) and co-current (in scrubbers mounted horizontally).

The contact between the two phases is made by means of high specific surface media (structured or ring-filled packing, depending on the application) that can operate with high loads of air and liquid and with low pressure drops.

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