ECOTEC Desorption/Stripping Systems

ECOTEC has vast experience in the field of air desorption (stripping) and has numerous references for stripping installations.
Air desorption basically removes pollutants contained in a liquid flow by means of a countercurrent air flow.
The most common gases in desorption processes are COV’s, NH3, CO2, H2S...

Specific case: NH3 Stripping

NH3 Stripping is a standard application in desorption processes due to its wide range of potential applications; leachate, industrial, slurry, etc.
ECOTEC has specialized in this application and has a large number of installations in operation, many of which have been up and running for over 25 years.
These units are designed to remove NH3 content in water.
Once the pH has been suitably adjusted by means of a countercurrent air stream, NH3 desorption will take place inside the stripping tower.
The desorbed NH3 is neutralized in a second stage of chemical washing under acidic conditions; it is not released into the atmosphere as ammonium sulfate is produced.

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