Updated May 17, 2021


We provide the most advanced environment protection solutions, based on our expertise and constant innovation.

Be a global reference in gas & water treatment market.


  • ADAPTABILITY: By analyzing market evolution, we detect variations and anticipate future needs.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: As our mission, we provide solutions for environmental care.
  • EQUALITY: We care about our team equity, work-life balance, and equal opportunities.
  • COMMITMENT: We encourage continuous improvement to achieve most demanding challenges in environmental care and our customer needs.
  • EXIGENCY: We focus on ensuring the highest quality of our products to satisfy both our team and client's best expectations.

To achieve this, we will set indicators corresponding to each of the measurable parameters to which we will assign values that will constitute our quality/environmental objectives for the fixed period.
These quality/environmental objectives will accompany this declaration and will be reviewed together at fixed intervals.
The relations of our organization, internally with our employees and externally with subcontractors, suppliers and customers, will be honest, objective and straightforward, always recognizing the dignity of the individual as a member of the team.
We admit that these are the values shared within ECOTEC's organizations.

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