Chemical scrubbers are based on the physical absorption or the chemical reaction of gaseous contaminants present in the air flow; liquid and gaseous phases are countercurrent (in vertical scrubbers), and co-current (in horizontal scrubbers).

Contact between the two phases is achieved by specific packing material with a large surface area (structured or ring-type packing, depending on the application) which can work with large volumes of air and liquid, and less pressure loss.

Selective reagents are used in three stages: Acidic, basic, oxidizing.

ECOTEC treats odour-generating
compounds derived from:

  • Sulphur (H2S, mercaptans, sulfides, etc.).
  • Nitrogen (NH3, amines, etc.).
  • Acids (fat acids, volatiles, acetic, butyric, etc.).
  • Aldehydes, ketones and esters.
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