Biotrickling technology is based on a biological reactor with a scrubber-like washer (vertical alignment) fitted with extensive and effective inorganic packing which creates the habitat where microorganisms develop. The metabolic process of these microorganisms removes the polluting compounds contained in the gas stream.

Biotrickling technology does not require chemical reagents, and if it does, it requires minimal quantities which reduces operating costs and eliminates the generation of toxic effluent, which would require further treatment.


  • High efficiency in H2S removal.
  • Minimal consumption of chemical reagents.
  • Low operating costs, which reduces the amortization period and provides short-time investment returns.
  • Zero waste generation.

A biotrickling filter can treat H2S concentrations up to 10.000 ppm. It can be used in applications in which conventional systems are not viable due to high operating costs.

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