TubJet® is a patented system designed to clean all lamellar channels installed throughout the surface of clarifiers. It is effective and thorough.

It operates automatically once it receives the order to start the process from the plant operator. Once the settler cleaning process is complete, the equipment returns to its origin until it receives a new start signal.

TubJet® cleaning system can be installed in tanks up to 60m long and 12m wide.

Operational advantages

  • It resolves all the limitations of manual cleaning; it can reach the impossible upper and lateral channel surfaces, and it prevents adhered mud that has been exposed to the weather from drying out before being removed.
  • The process does not require manual labour or intervention.
  • The tank does not have to be emptied.
  • It is a highly effective cleaning process for all lamellar channel surfaces, and cleans the entire length of the clarifier unit.
  • It can be accessed and inspected easily as it is placed on top of the lamellar package.
  • Its operation costs are low; the frequency can be regulated for each cleaning process which ensures maximum efficiency of the clarifier unit.

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