Prefabricated lamellar clarifiers reduce space requirements characteristic of lamellar settlement, which results in cost reductions on civil works, and an installment that is easy and cost-effective.
ECOTEC’s equipment is custom-made to adapt to the characteristics of each application. This optimizes performance, maximizes instalment space requirements and reduces the cost of equipment.
The materials ECOTEC works with are plastic (polypropylene, GRP), and metal (carbon steel, stainless steel). One or more chambers can be added to form one single unit by mixing, coagulation, flocculation, etc.

DLC-Export clarifiers

The range of DLC lamellar clarifiers is standard equipment whose measurements and features have been adapted to fit into open-top shipping containers.
By adapting its dimensions, transport costs are reduced considerably which is a clear advantage over conventional equipment. This is a factor to bear in mind when transporting this type of equipment over large distances.

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