ECOTEC presents the installation of a dBiox® Bioscrubber system supplied in Aabenraa Denmark for the desulfurization of off gas generated by a biomethanization unit in a plant that manages livestock waste from nearby agri-food industries.



This case study details the operational data of the implementation of the biological desulfurization system dbiox® bioscrubber for application in off-gas of the plant, in this case with a high content of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) up to 11,250 ppmv, at flow rates also high of 4,400 Nm3/h. Showing to be an efficient solution for hydrogen sulfide removal in the process, reaching yields around 98%, and meeting the effluent quality required by local regulations and plant owner.


Below is a summary of the plant's operating data:



  Flow rate:

  4.400 m3/h

  Delivered equipments:

  1 Scrubber

  1 Bioreactor

  1 Settler

  1 Control booth







  H2S (ppmv)



  < 200

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