ECOTEC presents the installation and operating parameters of a chemical scrubber recently supplied to a food industry located in Pamplona.



The main function of the chemical scrubber is the removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and carbon sulfide (CS2) generated in the plant, with the data detailed below:



  H2S, CS2

  Flow rate:

  50.000 m3/h

  Delivered equipment:

  1 chemical scrubber of 4 x 8.5 m (Ø x H)

  1+1 pump and recirculation pipeline

  1+1 Fans

  Air piping

  Reagent dosing system







  H2S (mg/m3)


  99 %

  ≤ 5

  CS2 (mg/m3)



  ≤ 150


The installation of the chemical scrubber proved to be an effective solution for treating emissions at the plant, allowing for proper odor control, regulatory compliance and improved air quality, reinforcing the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.



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