ECOTEC presents its recent case study of a dBiox® Bioscrubber system delivered for biogas desulphurisation for CHP motors in Alexandria WWTP, Egypt.


The equipment was especially designed to treat the biogas generated in the anaerobic digesters of the wastewater treatment plant, operating with a flow rate of 3164 Nm3/h and a very high sulphidric (H2S) load of 6000 ppmv, and achieving outlet concentrations lower than 50 ppmv H2S, so a remarkable removal efficiency of 99%.


dBiox® Bioscrubber units allow very low operating costs, since there's practically no additives consumption in the process. And this certainly increases plant owner profits in addition to incomes already generated by converting biogas to electricity, and therefore getting short-term investment returns.


dBiox bioscrubber CHP Alexandria

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