ECOTEC has recently completed the supply of a scrubbing system and gas collectors for a Food & Beverage company in Navarra.

The purpose of the installation is to treat the high concentrations of ammonia generated by the plant, by applying an acid sulfuric scrubbing for the pollutant elimination.


Below are the plant's data:




  Gas flow:

  50.000 m3/h

  Washing reagent:

  H2SO4 at 98%

  Delivered equipment:

  1 Scrubbing tower of 3.5 x 8.2 m (diameter x height)

  1 Centrifugal fan

  Air and recirculation collectors

  1 Storage tank for H2SO4 at 98%

  1 Storage tank for (NH4)2SO4 at 40 %

  1 Control panel







  NH3 (mg/m3)

  < 400

  99 %

  < 5


navis  torre_de_lavado


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