ECOTEC is about to undertake the final stage of the installation of tubesettler modules for the secondary sedimentation in Zaragoza WWTP. This is a plant of special relevance because of the application, the plant characteristics and also the scope of delivery, the largest of its type in Europe.

Secondary sedimentation by means of lamella modules is not commonly used, because the high concentration of suspended solids and their characteristics can cause folding and clogging problems. Therefore, it is essential to consider these factors when dimensioning the system and choosing lamella type

In Zaragoza plant, our lamella system was designed for a SS concentration of 2.200 mg/l, and a SVI of 150.

Together, the customer and Ecotec have chosen the FS 41.84 tubesettler and 2500 mm length to guarantee the processing conditions and the final discharge. This model allows to optimize sludge evacuation capacity, and minimize fouling and clogging problems, due to its larger lamella pitch (83 mm), and specially the open section of its channel (the biggest of this type of modules), as you can see in the graph below.



As the settlers were existing, lamella vertical height was set at 2500 mm in order to comply with the design parameters. This value is also an unusual because of the constructive limitations of the modules, and it adds up to the particularities of this reference work.


Main operational parameters

At project completion, ECOTEC will have installed tubesettler in the three sedimentation lines of the plant, with the following main characteristics:

Nº of tanks                                                  : 21

Dimensions of each tank                            : 8.48 x 19.69 m

Vertical lamella height                                 : 2047 mm

Total lamella volume installed                 : 6.338 m3

Total projected surface installed             : 44.366 m2



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