From ECOTEC we are proud to participate in a new milestone for sustainability and environmental efficiency, in a biomethanization plant in France, which generates energy from local farmers' waste.


Project Details:

ECOTEC has implemented gas treatment systems in two independent treatment lines: one for odor treatment and one for biological desulfurization of biogas for upgrading.

In the first, biotrickling and biofilter systems have been used to address odors, with an efficiency of 90% and 98% respectively. In the second, a bioscrubber has been installed for the removal of high hydrogen sulfide (H2S) content with an efficiency of 98%.


In the following, we will go deeper into the operational data and performance of the two installations:


Biotrickling and Biofilter for odor treatment


  Odors (UOE)

  Inlet flow rate to biotrickling

  13.381 m3/h

  Inlet flow rate to biofilter

  84.823 m3/h

  Inlet odors

  42.963 UOE/m3

  Biotrickling outlet odors

  4.296 UOE/m3

  Biofilter outlet odors

  1.500 UOE/m3

  Equipment delivered

  Biotrickling filter:

  1 Bioreactor of 3.5 x 9.2 m (Ø x h)

  Reagent dosing system

  Recirculation and dosing pipelines




  1 humidification tower of 3 x 6.2 m (Ø x H)

  Reagent dosing system

  2 fans of 42,412 m3/h

  Suction pipework


  570 m2 of biofilter backfill

  Odor elimination efficiency

  of the Biotrickling filter


  Odor elimination efficiency

  of the Biofilter

  98 %


Biotrickling filter and biofilter installed in the plant


Biological desulfurization for biogas upgrading pretreatment



   Flow rate

  6.600 Nm3/h

   Inlet H2S

  3.000 ppmv

   Outlet H2S

  < 50 ppmv

  Equipment delivered

  1 Scrubber

  2 Bioreactors

  1 Settler

  1 Control booth

  H2S elimination efficiency



Bioscrubber system installed in the plant


This project marks a significant step towards reducing harmful emissions and optimizing the plant's biogas production, thus contributing once again to the global energy transition.

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