ECOTEC is finalizing the installation of a new odor control unit system at a composting plant in Cadiz, Spain, with the purpose of eliminating odors of the plant.

The installation operates by directly extracting the air from the composting tunnels and conducting it to a humidification tower. In this phase, sulfuric acid is dosed to ensure the effective elimination of ammonia (NH₃), a compound harmful to the environment.

Subsequently, the treated air is directed to a biofilter, where the removal of sulfur compounds and volatile organic compounds takes place. This step ensures that the gas emissions during the composting process are properly treated before being released into the atmosphere.


Below the operational characteristics of the facility:


  UOE, H2S, NH3, VOCs

  Flow rate:

  35.000 m3/h

  Equipment delivered:

  1 humidification tower of 2.4 x 6 m (Ø x H) 

  Reagent dosing system

  1 Fan of 20.000 m3/h

  5 Fans of 12,500 m3/h

  Extraction and conducting pipework


   Efficiency in odor elimination

  ~ 95%


The implementation of this system will ensure proper odor management, compliance with regulations and improve air quality.



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