ECOTEC introduces its latest installation for the Davao WTP, Philippines, where it was made a successful delivery of tubSed® lamella modules, its support structure, GRP launders, and tubJet® cleaning systems for the six physical-chemical clarifiers of the drinking water plant.

Lamella modules were chosen as the preferred solution due to their compact design and high sedimentation capacity. The project aimed to increase the plant's capacity while reducing the footprint and maintenance tasks.

The equipment is installed on plant clarifiers, 6 basins of 10x31 meters each, and treats a total flow of 19,248 m3/h.

The full supply consisted in:

  • 2.232 m3 tubSed® TS.50, PPTV lamella modules, with WRAS and NSF food certificates.
  • GRP support structure and anti-flotation system for the lamella modules.
  • 36 uts GRP launders of 500 x 500 x 25000 mm, and its support system.
  • 6 tubJet® lamella cleaning systems.


Results and Benefits of the installation:

  • Improved settling efficiency and increased solids removal capacity
  • Enhanced overall treatment performance and water quality
  • Reduced footprint compared to conventional clarifiers
  • More efficient maintenance of the clarifiers, with the implementation of  tubJet® automatic cleaning systems.


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